The GreenGlia™ Platform

The nVector Platform – Next generation impact for CNS solutions

Gene therapy for CNS conditions promises great potential cures. But so far development has been slowed by lack of ability to target and access the right cells, and limited gene expression. Now, the nVector platform can help overcome those barriers.

More targeted — first platform to target glia (immune) and neuron cells by cell type.

Better distribution – throughout the spinal cord and brain from single injection.

More opportunity – 100 MM novel capsid library can support a wide array of CNS gene therapy initiatives.

Tap into the nVector Edge

For big clinical developers and smaller pharmaceutical innovators, Platform provides the most advanced and effective CNS gene therapy delivery, development and diagnostic technology to streamline their entry into the CNS markets or radically accelerate existing product development.

Capsid design library

Quick-launch your CNS gene therapy initiative

Save time, expense and the rigors of trial and error capsid development. Identify and access the right viral capsid to deliver for your CNS initiative. Through proprietary bench science and computational biology, we have generated a 100 million AAV capsid library to target specific cell types for different clinical indications. This library also yields a searchable data base that provides information on millions of variants

The library was initially engineered to target various glia throughout the CNS using both positive and negative selection to enhance fidelity, efficacy, and precision. Additional libraries using this platform will target other subsets of cells in the brain.

Therapeutic Pipeline

GreenGlia Therapeutic Pipeline

nAV-101: Advancing the treatment of ALS

nVector is helping to pioneer the treatment of ALS. Our nAV-101 gene therapy AAV vector targets cells in the brain and spinal cord to make a protective agent (GDNF) to shield motor neurons in ALS patients. nAV-101 utilizes our initial AAV candidate (nV-001) (AV-01) that exhibits superior efficacy and diffusion, compared to other AAVs delivering GDNF.

nAV-102: Advance targeting for Huntington’s and Parkinson’s protocols

nVector offers both greater neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory attributes for treatments related to Huntington’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. nAV-102 is designed to pair with other nVector capsids to help modulate inflammation (by targeting endogenous chitinases and chitinase-like proteins). Because Huntington’s presents the same anatomical target structure as Parkinson’s, nAV-102 can support feasibility, safety, and efficacy data in a clinical setting.

Clinical Diagnostic Assays

Better diagnosis, prognosis and trial design

The leader in ALS diagnostics, nVector offers advanced assays for patient diagnosis and prognosis for CNS diseases. Our ALS diagnostics cost just 10% of what the traditional diagnosis would cost and can be delivered in a matter of days compared to a full year. Additional assays will be available to address key CNS conditions.

GreenGlia Platform Clinical Assays

Biomarker Testing Services

GreenGlia Platform Biomarker Testing Services

nVector performs contract work for pharma and biotech companies to measure protein biomarkers in human biofluids (serum, plasma, CSF). We have tested samples for Pharma in both Phase II and Phase III FDA trials.

Specific immunoassays performed by nVector include but are not limited to the following:

We also develop new biomarker assays customized to your CNS initiatives. Gain a valuable head start on testing and trial development. We craft cutting edge biomarkers of neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation based on both blood and cerebrospinal fluid. These customized assays can provide a critical edge for your development strategies.

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