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Our diagnostic has already been tested in thousands of patients. Iron Horse and our European Licensee Euroimmun have tested over 750 patient samples, Independent researchers have tested our biomarker on over 871 patients and Iron Horse, acting as a CRO, has tested over 1,000 samples for various entities. Euroimmun began offering kits to laboratories in Europe in 2018 and the assay has been utilized on thousands of patients.


Iron Horse Diagnostics does not currently accept insurance reimbursement. Until we begin billing insurance companies we are offering the tests at an affordable rate for patients.

Please contact us for pricing. (602) 622-1490

When filling out the requisition form, please have the patient provide their credit card information in the space provided. The patient will not be billed until we have received the samples. If your patient would have difficulty paying for the test, please contact us.